Old vintage Meccano Geared Roller Bearing No. 167 - Boxed - Gold Red

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An old cardboard box measuring ~ 31 x 31 x 5.5cm.

On the top is written:-

PART No. 167

This box contains, two steel discs (Roller Races), each 12 diam, over pitch line and dished to form a rim near the periphery;  one Ring Frame, 9 3/4" outside diameter: one Pinion, 1" diameter over pitch line. 16 teeth; sixteen 3/4" Flanged Wheels; sixteen Pivot Bolts and Nuts. When assembled, these parts form a complete roller bearing unit.

The Meccano Roller Bearing is designed to facilitate the building of large models of swivelling structures, such as giant hammerhead cranes, roiling bridges, Turntables, etc. One of the Roller Races should be bolted, rim uppermost, to the fixed portion of the model and the other, rim downward, to the movable superstructure. The Ring Frame, with the Flanged Wheels in position, should be mounted between the two Roller Races so that the rim of the upper or movable Race rests on the flanges of the wheels, while the latter ride freely on the rim of the lower or fixed Race.


The box is a bit grubby with splits to the corners but otherwise all there and in 'loft found' condition.
The Meccano itself is used with scrapes and scratches but otherwise 'works' well.  The pinion is not present.

A rare to find original Meccano part.

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